Your huddle up and running in 7 days

The importance of the huddle…

A well organized regular huddle is much more than sharing information on the work that needs to be done or asking for help. Instead, it’s the perfect platform to inspire others. If it is well done, it does increase the level of motivation within your team, it results in collaboration and more interaction among team members.


“One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen in business is managers not establishing a routine daily team meeting. The benefits are basic but the risks of not holding routine meetings can be catastrophic.” – George Rathbun, CEO at INCENT & Lean Leader

“But starting the day without a huddle insures a workforce that is uninformed and de-motivated. Communication is one of the keys to success.” – Wally Adamchik, President FireStarter Speaking and Consulting

“Successful huddles require practice and experience. In the best ones, every team member actively contributes and most team members prepare in advance.” – James Allen, co-leader of the global strategy practice at Bain & Company


But how can you avoid a huddle becomes a boring mandatory meeting? How can you get the best out of it?  With 8 years of experience and more than 1500 huddles led and guided I’ve seen and led many examples of huddles that went well, but also that could have been done much better. To know the theory is one thing, but the most important is how to put this into practice.



With this special offer I want to give you 7 days of inspiration with tips, tricks and templates so you will be able to start with or improve your huddle.

After these 7 days you will be able to:

  • Define the purpose of your huddle
  • Inspire others via storytelling
  • Implement different tools for interaction
  • Use different huddle templates in practice
  • Find inspiration easily, without taking a lot of time
  • Make sure everybody is involved
  • Lead the huddle effectively


Your huddle up and running in 7 days?

During 7 days, you’ll be challenged each day with different parts of the huddle setup. When you complete the program you’ll have a setup ready to test, adjust and use in practice.