Workshop Claim your success

Business game - Claim your success

Are you successful?

How often do you get the question: do you consider yourself successful? Or how often do you ask this question to yourself? What does success mean to you? And, is it possible to claim your success? If you find it easy to answer these questions or not, they are important. Answering these questions gives you guidance and clarity in the life you’re living and in the things you do.

How to be successful in life?Leadership game - claim your success

Think big, don’t be afraid of failure, believe in your capacity to succeed and use your imagination. Just a few tips on how you will become successful. But first you need to start somewhere. Some people might call this stage ‘searching for your why’. What is important to you and what is your purpose on earth.

However, you can have a great purpose, but in order to say if you are successful or not, you have to make it more practical. What actions do fit your purpose, you why? What should I do to succeed?

Having a personal success board can help you to plan your road to success. It shows what is important to you and gives you specific examples of what you define as success. With these examples you can take action and get guidance in life. During our workshop claim your success, you’ll create a personal success board yourself.


The workshop ‘claim your success’ does contain three elements: the introduction, playing our success game and reflection. By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Define what success is for them and for others;
  • Recognize different stages of team development;
  • Make a plan for success based on their personal success board;
  • Define how leadership is related to success.

All of the above are aspects of the Velites Online Leadership Program. They are related to the elements like ‘Get to know yourself’, ‘Leadership basics’ and ‘Team development’.

leadership game - claim your successThe workshop starts with a short introduction where we’ll discuss the relation between leadership and success. In this part we’ll introduce the game ‘Claim your success’ as well. In the second part of the workshop people will play the game in groups from 2-4 players.

The game is based on ludodidactics or serious gaming. I’m using this method to make sure desired behavior is the starting point of the game design. Ludodidactics is the bridge between theory and practice. In this specific game group development and working together are important elements of the desired behavior, even though the game is focused on success.

During the reflection we’ll discuss the results of the game. How does your personal success board looks like? Is it what you expected or are there surprises? How did you play the game? What will you do with the results?

What do other people say about this workshop?

Current and future leaders who joined the workshop are really enthusiastic. To name some feedback we’ve received:

“What a fun game. You learn a lot while it doesn’t feel like learning.”

“Great game. I want to buy it for myself to play with my friends during New Years’ Eve.”

“Wow, success is much broader than I thought. Thanks for the new insights.”

“What a nice, practical approach. This is something that is very useful.”

“Ciska is a great game master who helped where needed, but also made sure we found our own way during the game. This game will help us in our daily job as we know better what everyone in the team wants to achieve!”

Game on!

Play is one of the best ways to train your right-brain and one of the best learning methods available. In this workshop we’ll play and have a lot of interaction. Same time we’re bridging the gap between theory and practice. This training is not a boring presentation, but a workshop where you will be active, where you will experience and where you will talk about for a long time.

The workshop takes approximately 3 hours and can be done in English or Dutch. The training can be done at your location, but can also be organized at our training facility in Leimuiden.

Do you want to learn more about this workshop? Contact us and we’re more than happy to discuss what fits you and your organization the best.