My name is Ciska Harte. I’m a down to earth relator with a strong focus on achieving goals together.

My work is characterized by a lot of different change projects. Together with you I’ll find a way to strenghten the team spirit so both individual as common goals can be achieved. With my long term expertise, professional way of working and enthusiasm we’ll get the best out of employees within your organization.

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Velites stands for believing in yourself, accepting challenges, achieving goals, being flexible, being available, being service oriënted and making the difference.

The Velites were the youngest and poorest soldiers of the Roman army. They were a separate unit, without official supervision. They started the battle by throwing lances and when doing great they could get the opportunity to get a career within the formal Roman army.

Applying knowledge, focussing on connections and working towards a sustainable future: hitting the bull’s eye or GOLD. The focus points of Velites are:

Go for excited challenges

Operating procedures have to be simplified

Let teams develop so they become strong and enthusiastic

Differentiate by pioneering solutions

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