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Ciska Harte - Founder Velites Online Leadership Program

Developing yourself is key to a successful career. Without development you cannot grow and cannot move to your next step. But development doesn’t mean following a training and get your diploma. It’s much more than that.

If you do a training, but you are not able to implement the things you’ve learned, you do not make any progress. You feel frustrated because you are stuck in the things you did before. You are disappointing yourself. And you feel maybe lonely, because nobody sees you’re struggling.

Therefore, in your development, the transition from theory to practice is key. This transition often goes hand in hand with behavioral changes which is one of the most difficult things to do.


Right-brained thinking in a left-brained world

2018-15 down to earth

Our world is changing. Computers are taking over much more from people and work is being outsourced to less-expensive areas of our world. This results that instead of left-brain people who are taking the lead, we’re heading into the age of the ‘right-brain-dominance’.

Design, story, symphony, empathy, play and meaning are the six senses essential to re-active our right-brain. Many of these senses are coming back in the process of playful learning.


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Ludodidactics is using principles from the gaming industry to design learning experiences. Student behavior is the starting point of the design, rather than the knowledge that needs to be transferred.

The MDA-model (mechanics, dynamics, aesthetics) is the most important gaming model related to behavior. From a design perspective the MDA flows the same sequences, but from a player perspective the ADM-sequence is followed. The player sees the game in the opposite direction of the designer.

The Velites Online Leadership Program is based on ludodidactics to transfer theory into practice and to prepare you for the right-brain need in our society. The program will help you to be more secure in the things you do and gives you guidance in how to become tomorrow’s leader.

During the program, we’ll make use of the PCM-model: preparation, cultivation and motivation. From a preparation point of view you’ll get ready for change. The cultivation part is related to getting a sustainable basis for the future. And the motivation part is focused on how to get inspired to sparkle.

What’s part of the program?LEADERSHIP VELITES

Implementation, interaction and leadership: that’s what the Velites Leadership Program is about. The program is designed in a way that you’ll be able to apply the things that you’ve learned in practice. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from others via our community and via the leadership games you can use the online content in an offline environment.

The Velites Leadership Program includes:

“Finally, there is a program that is focused on changing habits in a fun way.” – Brand new team lead

“Gone is the age of left-brain dominance. The future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind.” – Daniel H. Pink

“If you want to see what business leadership may look in three to five years, look at what’s happening in online games.” – Byron Reeves Phd.

“Serious games can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of educational programs. Especially when you want to gain and practice professional skills.” – Open University

“Online games put the future of business leadership on display.” – IBM

“The complexity of working together is that everybody needs to show leadership. There is not one leader only. Leadership is a shared responsibility where members trust theirs and others’ skills in performing certain tasks. Everybody has his or her own responsibility in shared, distributed leadership.” – Prof. Dr. Jaap Schaveling

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