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The President’s Speech



Velites Trainer Certification and Game License: The President’s Speech


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Game-based learning

Game-based learning is an effective method in the world of learning and development. It allows learners to learn through experimentation and practice behaviors. It also increases the ROI of learning and development because:

  • The knowledge and skills learned during the game are being retained for a longer period of time in contrast to traditional learning methods;
  • A game provides an opportunity for feedback and practice;
  • It can be customized for the situation you are in;
  • Games are shifting extrinsic motivation towards intrinsic motivation of learners/employees;
  • As a result, learners will be more engaged in the training program;
  • Even more, it supports the re-activation of the right-brain, certainly required for future leadership.

Facilitation and use of ‘The President’s Speech’

Obtaining for the trainer certification for ‘The President’s Speech’ provides you the knowledge required to apply game-based learning successfully within your organization. As a result, you’ll be able to enter games into existing or future learning programs. Being a certified trainer gives the following benefits:

  • First of all, it gives flexibility: you can play the game anytime, anywhere;
  • Secondly, it is easy to play, facilitate and insert into learning journeys;
  • Next to that, you can use the English game and toolkit in international environments;
  • It is a game based on scientific researches and qualified methods;
  • And it is a non-standard high-quality approach to games;
  • Lastly, being able to apply the game in multiple circumstances and programs.

Train-the-trainer program outline

Succeeding the train-the-trainer course gives you the right to use and facilitate the game ‘The President’s Speech’. Because of the gaming license, you can play enter games into your organization or business easily. The Velites Trainer Certification program includes:

  • First of all: the training day
    • Dive into game-based learning methods
    • Discuss the different theories behind the game
    • Get familiar with ‘The President’s Speech’: so, play, facilitate, evaluate
    • Inspiring location: the historic, authentic farm that was built in 1900
    • Lunch
  • Next to that, A reader with all theories, backgrounds and learning journey tools
  • Above of that, Guidance, attendance, and coaching with first training on-site (in NL)
  • Access to the alumni forum
  • Also, templates to continue the learning journey
  • Invitation for the alumni day
  • And finally, a game license for 1 year is included

Download your information package here