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Game-based learning in business 

Live Online Introduction Class

Dinsdag 22 November 2022, 19.30-21.30 uur

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Game-based learning in business: an introduction to influencers of the learning mindset

Game-based learning plays an important role in education. Are you responsible for training and development within your company? Are you a teamcoach or external trainer? And are you someone who:

  • is looking for a more diverse approach to personal development?
  • wants to understand the dynamics behind internal and external motivation?
  • has challenges with mandatory training within your organization?
  • wants to make sure skills and knowledge are retained, also after the training?
  • is open to new ways of learning?

In that case, you’re the one we are looking for. Join our introduction class about game-based learning in business, get the above questions answered and challenges solved, and discover the power of play for motivation and personal development.

Lifelong playing

Do you recognize it as well? You grow up and there is less time for playing and having fun. You’re no longer a child. Instead, you have to be serious about the things you do, right? Actually, this is wrong. There are so many benefits of play. In fact, everybody – no matter what age – should do it. In this introduction class, we will step into the field of play, games, and behavior. We’ll discuss games currently used in companies and the reasons why play is so important in our life.

Learning mindset and motivation

A learning mindset, also called a growth mindset, is based on the belief that intelligence can be developed. These mindsets are shaped by our day-to-day experiences, interactions, and observations. Someone with a learning mindset is more motivated to take on challenging work or learn new things compared to someone who doesn’t have this mindset. While the mindset refers to internal motivation, external factors are also able to motivate.

Gamification versus game-based learning in business

Organizations often use gamification, e.g. to engage people and motivate them, to change behavior, develop skills, or solve problems. Even though gamification has proven to be very successful, there are pitfalls when you use this method to motivate people. Learn the difference between games and play and avoid the pitfalls of gamification. How can you add play in your daily life? In what way do play, games, and behavior relate to each other? How can we use game-based learning to learn faster, to learn more, and to retain our knowledge and behavior for a longer period of time? Does playing a game on the job have the same positive effects as playing outside the company? And what is the role of broccoli in this? Answers to these and more questions on play and learning mindset will be given during this introduction class.

What will you get?

  • Insights into how to integrate games to increase your ROI on learning and development
  • Lots of interaction due to limited group size and personal approach
  • Toolkit with background articles, game elements, etc.
  • Network opportunities due to direct contact with other HR/Management professionals