Masterclass: Games, play and behavior

Want to be a kid again?

Do you recognize it as well? You grow up and there is less time for playing and having fun. You’re no longer a child. Instead, you have to be serious about the things you do, right? Actually, this is wrong. There are so many benefits of play. In fact, everybody – no matter what age – should do it. In the masterclass ‘Play, Games & Behavior’ we step into the field of play, games and behavior. We’ll discuss games currently used in companies and the reasons why play is so important in our life.

How to use games at work?

Leadership game - velites

How can you add play in your daily life? In what way do play, games and behavior relate to each other? How can we use play to learn faster, to learn more and to retain our knowledge and behavior for a longer period of time? Does playing a game on the job have the same positive effects as playing outside the company? And what is the role of broccoli in this? Answers to these and more questions will be given during this masterclass.

Masterclass: Games, Play & Behavior

The masterclass ‘Games, Play & Behavior’ is a masterclass for leadership development. In this situation we describe leadership as: being curious towards and recognizing the moment when you can add value to the system. And when you have the courage to take that moment. In science this is also called shared, distributed or collective leadership. Following this definition does mean that everybody can be a leader.

By the end of this masterclass participants will be able to:

  • Explain why using your right-brain is important in leadership;
  • Re-active their right-brain very quickly;
  • Describe the positive aspects of play;
  • Recognize different forms of play;
  • Apply different forms of play within the organization;
  • Remember and retain information easier.

All of the above are aspects of the Velites Leadership Program. They are related to the elements ‘Get to know yourself’ and ‘Leadership basics’.

What do other people say about this masterclass?

Current and future leaders who joined the masterclass are enthusiastic about the masterclass. To name some feedback we’ve received:

“It’s interesting to see how you can trigger someone’s internal motivation via play.”

“I’ve heard from gamification, but didn’t know there was much more than that.”

“Great to understand the importance of play in our future economy.”

Let’s start!

Play is one of the best ways to train your right-brain and one of the best learning methods available. In this masterclass we give an introduction into play, games and behavior. There will be a lot of interaction and we’ll bridge the gap between theory and practice. This masterclass is not a boring presentation, but a session where you will be active, where you will experience and where you will talk about for a long time.

The masterclass takes approximately 1 hour and can be done in English or Dutch. The training can be done at your location, but can also be organized at our training facility in Leimuiden.

Do you want to learn more about this masterclass? Contact us and we’re more than happy to discuss what fits you and your organization the best.