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Ebook huddle inspiration | VelitesDo you want to upgrade your huddle?

  • 10 Videos for making your huddle more interesting and successful
  • Different topics: leadership of self, teamwork, organizational success
  • Max. 3 minute videos you can use directly in  your huddle
  • Direct links to videos
  • Easy read with short introductions

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A huddle is a short regular team meeting of 15-20 minutes to strategize, motivate or celebrate. A good huddle can greatly improve communication within and alignment of your team. A well organized regular huddle increases also the level of motivation within your team. But if a huddle is not good these positive effects won’t appear. Instead, it can be a boring meeting, something that has to be done, but that people don’t like. The motivation will drop and the chance to sparkle is gone.

Ciska Harte - Founder Velites: Implementation, Interaction & Leadership

My name is Ciska Harte. I am the founder of Velites and its online leadership program. For more than 8 years I’ve been organizing and guiding huddles. Interaction is key in a huddle. In order to make sure that everyone does participate actively preparation is needed. Without preparation, you’ll fail: the huddle won’t become a success. Preparation is done by deciding what topic(s) you want to discuss. I often used short videos during the huddle. These film fragments helped me to teach, inspire and guide the discussion.

Searching for good interesting and original videos might take some time. Time that might not be there. In this Ebook I’ll provide you 10 original and interesting videos of less than three minutes that you can directly use in your huddle. With topics as leadership of self, teamwork and organizational success you’ll have a basis for a strong, efficient and effective huddle.


Videos for huddle inspiration: your start for a successful huddle


Ebook huddle inspiration | Velites

Download this Ebook with original video inspiration for free. You’ll get 10 original video links ready for watching. With this Ebook you can directly start with your huddle, without spending time on searching yourself for hours to find the perfect video you were looking for.