The Velites were the youngest and poorest soldiers of the Roman army. They weren’t officially part of the army and didn’t had an official leader. However, they were needed to start the battle, by throwing their lances. Once done, they moved back and started to help where needed. By showing good work during battles, they’ve got a chance to get a career in the formal organization of the Roman army.  A lot of their work comes back to leadership. So what are the leadership lessons from the Velites?

Leadership lessons from the Velites

If you watch and read about the Velites you’ll see a couple of things that are important in leadership as well. The leadership lessons from the Velites are related to:

  • believing in yourself
  • accepting challenges
  • achieving goals
  • being flexible
  • ready to help
  • service oriënted
  • making the difference

Within the Velites Leadership Progam there is focus on these elements, they are the heart of the program.

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