Labeling people

Labeling is a process of giving an individual a title they have not chosen for themselves. This title carries with it preconceived ideas, and characteristics about the individual.

Positive effects of putting people in boxes

Labeling can be done from a positive or negative perspective. There are many positive sides of labeling. When you’ve a certain label you can feel being part of a group. You feel save as who you are has a name and is clear. When you use positive labels, like hard-working, inspiring, promising, and so on, you’ll be encouraged to achieve more since these positive words make you feel good about yourself. Human beings need clarity and putting people in boxes gives that clarity.

Negative effects of putting people in boxes

Labeling has also it downsides. In society, labeling is often based on prejudices. When you see somebody with a lot of tattoos you might label him/her differently than somebody who wears a nice suit, without knowing any of those two. People can be excluded from groups as there is no fit and they have the wrong label. In order to belong to a group, you might start faking who you are in order to get the right label to enter. Negative labeling has a negative impact on your potential. If you believe you’re useless, your actions and thoughts are the cause.