Identity refers to who someone is. It’s about your name, who your are, about your characteristics. Identity is based on your inner thoughts and believes. What is important to you? In order to define your identity, it is important to define your purpose and meaning of life.

Identity based leadership

The foundation of the identity-based leadership is the thought that effective leadership cannot be understood without a focus on the psychological effects that the leader has on his or her followers. Leader behavior which results in a follower personally identifying with the leader will generate trust in the leader and increased commitment and motivation.

Identity versus personality

Your identity refers to a set op moral and mental qualities and beliefs, that makes you different from somebody else. On the other hand, personality refers to the combination of qualities, attitude and behavior that makes you different from somebody else. Next to that, personality implies who we seem to be, while our identity represents who we actually are. 

Do you show your real self?

Are you showing your real self? A world where you don’t show others who you are and what you can doesn’t sound perfect, but in reality this might happen more often than you can think of. Read more about this in our article ‘Let it go’.

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