In sport, a huddle is an action of a team gathering together, to strategize, motivate or celebrate. Usually people are standing in a tight circle to make sure opponents are able to hear sensitive information. Same time the circle helps to eliminate the noise in the venue where normal communication is difficult. The leader of the huddle is usually the team captain and it is this person who will inspire other team members to achieve success.

In business, we use a huddle to get the team shortly together as well. This short team meeting takes maximum 15-20 minutes and can be done daily or weekly. Topics like new customers, success stories and the plan for today can be discussed.

Why do  I need a huddle?

A good huddle can greatly improve communication within and alignment of your team. Next to that, a well organized huddle increases the level of motivation from your team members. However, if a huddle is not good, these positive effects won’t appear. Instead, it can become a boring meeting, something that has to be done, but that people don’t like. In this case, the motivation will drop and the chance to sparkle is gone.

How to create an effective team meeting?

In order to have an effective, useful and positive huddle you have to:

  • Define the purpose of your huddle;
  • Inspire others via storytelling;
  • Implement different tools for interaction;
  • Use a huddle template;
  • Find inspiration easily;
  • Make sure everybody is involved;
  • Lead the huddle effectively.

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