Discover your hidden leadership qualities

Leadership game - discover your hidden leadership qualities

Are you using your full potential?

How are you adding value to the company you work for or to your friends and family? A tough question or not? Knowing your strengths and using them are often resulting in adding value. However, you might think you can be of more value in some situations because you have the feeling you are not using your full potential. Do you have the feeling that the work you’re doing is beneath you? Are you still being challenged? Or do you have the feeling that you’re wasting your potential?

What we do versus what we can do

Some people get older than others, but we all face the limited time we have during our life. If you are an ambitious person you want to make the best of your life. And that is what ‘reaching your potential’ means. That doesn’t have to do with how long you live, but it is about what you do with the time you’re alive.

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”

– Unknown –

You can experience a gap between what you are doing and what you actually can do. This can be caused by other people not seeing your strengths, not getting the chance to show what you can, or yourself not having clear how you can add value in certain situations.

Leadership game - discover your hidden leadership qualities

How to reach your full potential?

Everybody does have potential, that is about getting the best out of yourself. But is this what it is only about? Did you ever have a performance review without any comments on what can be improved? I didn’t. Even though I scored a very high score on all elements there was always something that could be done better.

As human beings, we are not able to excel in everything we do. However, by identifying your strengths you can reach your full potential easier. Instead of only looking at your weaknesses, you use your strengths and the opportunities that are related to your strengths.


The workshop ‘Discover your leadership qualities’ exists out of three parts: the introduction, playing the game ‘Ready for take off’ and the reflection. By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Define the different aspects of leadership behavior;
  • Recognize their full potential in leadership;
  • Increase their confidence by knowing their hidden leadership qualities;
  • Understand the difference between left and right brain activities;
  • Create a personal development plan based on their strengths.
Leadership game - discover your hidden leadership qualities

All these aspects are part of the Velites Leadership Program via themes like: ‘Leadership basics’, ‘Get to know yourself’ and ‘Inspire and Influence’.

The workshop starts with an introduction where we’ll explain the rules of the game ‘Ready for take off’. Thereafter, the participants will play the game in groups of maximum 4 players per game.

The game is based on ludodidactics. With this method a program is developed based on specific behavior you want to see from the participants. Game design tools are being used to let occur the desired behavior. In this specific game fast decision making and curiosity are important elements of the desired behavior.

We will end the workshop with reflection time and discuss the results of the game. This will give the participants input for their personal development plans. We discuss how to use the hidden leadership qualities and make them valuable in order to be able to reach your full potential.

Game on!

Playful learning is one of the best learning methods. In this workshop you’ll get more insights on who you are and you’ll be able to analyze what characterizes the leadership in you. This helps you for example to generate or review your personal development plan, in performance appraisals and in getting more confident in regards to your leadership role.

The workshop ‘Ready for take off’ takes approximately 3 hours and can be done in English or Dutch. The training can be done at your location, but can also be organized at our training facility in Leimuiden.

More information?

Do you want to learn more about this workshop or do you have questions? Contact us and we’re more than happy to provide you more information.