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How a daily huddle contributes to your learning culture >>>

A well organized regular huddle is much more than just sharing information on the work that needs to be done. Instead, it’s the perfect platform to inspire others and to increase the level of motivation within your team. >>>

L&D: Learning & Development or Leadership & Development? >>>

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay. What is your L&D strategy? >>>

How to use games for organizational success? >>>

Gaming is hot. There are worldwide over 2.5 billion video gamers and the amount of board games in learning environments increases rapidly. Learn more about how to use games in business. >>>

Roadmap for a successful personal development day >>>

A personal development day is a tool that supports a learning culture. In this post, we will explain the benefits and provide a roadmap that you can use to organize a successful learning day within your organization. >>>

Why we have to personalize learning and development? >>>

There is a gap between traditional executive education, that creates room for more tailored and democratic approaches towards learning and development. Learn more about the personal learning cloud. >>>

How to measure the ROI of leadership development? >>>

How often did you do a leadership course where you weren’t able to apply the things you’ve learned into practice? What can you do to prioritize successful leadership development? >>>

How arts contribute to leadership development >>>

In today’s world, organizations are looking for creative employees. Our right-brain skills become more important, and arts can help to re-activate these. >>>

How do you get the best out of a personal development budget? >>>

A personal development budget enables you to further develop yourself via workshops, seminars, courses, and so on. How do you fund your personal development? >>>

Measure your creativity with the CQ-test >>>

Creativity is often associated with people in artistic professions. However, nowadays it is increasingly important for organizations to rely on creative thinking as well. But how do you know how creative you are? >>>

How to train your right-brain skills? >>>

Left-brain skills become more and more redundant as they can be automated easily. In order to be of value, we have to use our right-brain more often. But how will you be able to shift your focus towards your right-brain? >>>

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