Down to earth

Down to earth

When searching for a definition of down to earth you’ll find phrases like with no illusions or pretensions or words like practical, realistic, simple in style and straightforward. Who actually saw the documentary Down To Earth knows that it is much more than that.

The basis of being down to earth lies in a connected life: connected with nature, connected with our heart, connected with the earth, connected with other people and so on. A first step is to be aware of this so it will help you with another one where you just be you instead of becoming someone else. Our beliefs and actions should be based on the laws of nature instead of our own ego in order for us to be able to borrow the earth from our children in a good manner. But without making a drastic decision like quitting your job and start living in a forest to be closer to nature, what can we do to apply the principles of Down To Earth?

In the documentary so called wisdom keepers from all around the world are telling their stories about life, their vision on the world and teaching us old principles. For example, overconsumption is not done: only use what you need. Another saying is: by staying close to nature you’re close to yourself. Maybe that’s why I do like gardening so much.

In a world with so many people getting university degrees, we still see overconsumption, damages to earth and inequality. If we can get rid of our ego, we wouldn’t mind to share things and to not own anything ourselves. But same time in order to get rid of ego we need to connect our hearth with our mind. As a Wisdom Keeper in the documentary said: if you have a university degree and only use your mind the knowledge you have is useless. Only by connecting your heart with your mind you can expect useful outcomes.

The question that popped up in my mind was what is the definition of wisdom? These Wisdom Keepers didn’t study at universities, but know so much about the principles of life. We are paying college fees for university degrees, but is this real wisdom? I believe that it is wisdom, but you do have to put it in the right context and use it correctly. As the Wisdom Keepers said: connect it to your heart.

So that’s what we can do. Make sure that we do use the knowledge we gain for the things that we desire deep in our heart. And no, I’m not talking about the desire to get the latest sports car, a brand-new boat or moving to a fabulous villa. No, I’m talking about finding the real you. We have the power to do that as we are lucky to be able to imagine and to have faith, to see solutions before obstacles.

I don’t believe we will all become Wisdom Keepers but if we use our knowledge wisely, we’re able to bring some more wisdom into the universe.