The end for career tigers?

The end for career tigers?

Threatened by assignment based work, wirearchies, crowd driven reputations and master artisans the career tigers are endangered. What is needed in order to protect their future?

Building a successful career

Career tigers are people who are fully focused on building a successful career. They are very hard workers, take every opportunity, dare to take risks and have a lot of ambition. Getting status by moving to top management level in a company is the goal. Same time salary, respect and material things like cars, laptops and houses are important.

Changing work environment

In a world that is changing to a sharing economy, where material things doesn’t give status anymore, you can ask yourself the question to what extent a career tiger will survive. What if a successful career is no longer valuable in a world embracing happiness of life. And what does ‘having success’ mean in the end?

Future jobs

When work is no longer work, you might not have a job in the future or a company as the basis of your successful career. The sky is the limit, but what if there are many clouds along the way? All these types of questions do result in a crisis for the career tiger. You might even ask yourself who you are and what kind of value you bring if you are not having clear what successful does mean to you.

Protect the career tiger

As career tigers are hard workers, ambitious, result oriented and ready for all kinds of challenges we need them in our society and our companies. We can protect them by providing challenges, but also giving room for ownership: being in charge. But maybe even more, we can protect them by making them future-ready: re-exploring the definition of success and defining specific goals both personal and career-related.